Festival Art Director’s Statement

Call for Friendship

We are at an era in which mankind is not gracious toward each other, and it sacrifices itself thru the technologies and systems he created. We are inside a structure that is described as components of a group within the masses and fans, and in which crowds, alienated and isolated against their nature for the sake of dominating system, are producing more and consuming more. Crowds are dictated about what to do based on the watched, observed, archived information and enslavement is gaining wide currency through persuading people to be liberated. While a small minority lives in an enormous extravagance, a huge mass struggling with starvation. In many parts of the world, while those who suffer from injustice and persecution are rapidly increasing, tyrants are successfully staging the distribution of justice simulation game.

Here, we invite humanity to friendship, cooperation, empathy, and sincerity in an era that we experience imperialist dominance of confrontation, isolation, rootlessness, and alienation. We say soil with water, countries with neighbors and ultimately human being gains meaning and existence with thought, with history, with tree, with geography, with time and with one another. We ask humanity to be friend first with ourselves, with people, with thought, with neighbor, with geography, with history, and with nature.

We invite all the directors of the world to write friendship with their pen, to stroke the keys of the typewriter, and to look through the camera visor for friendship. In our time in which animosity is dominant, we repeat the words of the spiritual architect of our festival Fethi Gemuhluoğlu who sifted his words through immanence of our civilization,  “All friendship must be told.” We invite all the short films that are candidates for rebuilding friendship in the short film language.

Mehmet Lütfi Şen