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Festival Director

Hello Dear Friends,

Meeting again with the true friends of cinema at the second year of Amity Film Festival is very exciting for us. To begin with, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the short-film makers, who shared 750 films from 62 countries with us.

Last year, we set out the journey with the slogan of ‘Friendly to human, friendly to geography, friendly to nature, friendly to history, friendly to time and friendly to self”, watched all the films that enlightened us on the subject with a heartfelt desire, and held interviews and workshops. We strengthened our friendship ties with an intimate award ceremony.

This year, we setting our festival in memory of Âşık Veysel, who harbors all the definitions of ‘friendliness’ in himself, who lightens his time and our time despite his dark world, who planted ever-living notes with his instrument not only on to his own geography but also other geographies hungry for friendliness and love. Today, there would be no one, who would not feel the comfort of the soul of a friend in his heart when he hears Veysel’s voice, nourished by the darkness. We wanted that the world of Âşık Veysel, who immortalizes the friendship in his lyrics and music with his compassionate heart, be an inspiration for our short films. In these times, when hunger and deprivation of friendship is felt and hurt us more and more, let those short film makers, who established heartfelt and friendly connection with cinema, to bestow new hopes on our impoverished and sterilized world.

This year, we are delighted to give the Amity Honorary Award to two masters, Mevlüt Koçak and Gülsen Tuncer, who inspired us with their friendship and earnest works throughout many years.

This year’s festival will host 50 short and 4 feature films in the Competition, Forty Years of Gratitude, and Panorama sections. This year’s center for screenings is the Fitaş Movie Theater in the heart of Beyoğlu. In addition, as in the previous year, we will have screenings in Salt Galata. We will also have a festival talk titled “Experiences of Transition to Feature-Length”. The talk will include the president of the jury, Reis Çelik, and other members of the jury, Ado Hasanović and Nima Javadi.

The Technical Support Award given in the Competition section for the next short film of the award-winning director will be sponsored by the Fono Film, which was also our co-partner in Post-Production Workshop that we organized this year. Additionally, one of our main sponsors, the friendly face of Turkey, Red Crescent will present a Red Crescent Friendship Award to a short film maker.

I sincerely thank to the friendly organizations, volunteer students, and our artist friends who supported us and have always been stood by us. With the hope of meeting on big screen on December 13-14-15 in order to heighten friendship…