Sayings About Amity

Do not spend the last penny left in your pocket for a bagel to sate your hunger; go and watch a play or a movie with it.

Humankind is nothing more than the heart.

Those who are not friends to themselves cannot be friends to others. Those who have not attained peace with themselves can not attained peace with others. Moreover, there is no war. The world was created on friendship.

The ice in the heart of a human being can easily be melted with the warmth of the art and literature, and with the love for mankind. There still exists hope within the human being!

All friendships must be put into words gradually but in integrity, just as friendship to humankind, friendship to idea, friendship to geography, friendship to history, friendship to one’s own body, and friendship to one’s own neighbor… All friendships should be put into words.

Have you ever fallen in love? … If I happen to stay alone with a tree in the middle of nowhere, I would certainly fall in love with that tree.

Do you draw on your heart?

Let us be friend to everything, but not friend to sleeping. Let us be friend to everything, but not friend to politics. Let us be friend to everything, but not friend to excessive ambition for property and career. Let us be friend to everything, but not friend to money.

It is love which is the sole reality.

Have you ever loved someone? … How can you desire to love God with that hardened heart whilst you do not love someone whom God has created.

There should be no enmity towards anything. It is human beings themselves who separate categorically friendships towards their fellows. Those who are in front us have freedom in being our enemies or not. Leave your home every morning entrusting your household to the protection of God. They are free to respond to you by saying “Bye” or not. You should behave with people who are not others, in the same manner you behave with your own family.

Our heart must expand exceedingly in order to love.