Festival General Art Director’s Statement 2018

I. Uluslararası Dostluk Kısa Film Festivali










To Those Who Bear Their Hearts

As we start Amity Short Film Festival, we are in an era that humankind is not friendly to each other and sacrifices itself by man-made technologies and systems. We are in a structure, which is reduced to producing and consuming more and more, isolated within crowds and excluded, and alienated to it’s own nature for the sake of survival of the dominating system. A form of slaver y is gaining popularity, in which what one should do is dictated by using one’s private information that is monitored, observed, and archived; however, one is convinced that he/she is free. While a small minority experiencing a great extravaganza, a large mass of people are struggling with starvation. We previously talked about the fact that the number of people who are subjected to injustice and tyranny are rapidly increasing in many parts of the world; the persecutors successfully are broadcasting the simulation that they are distributing justice to the world. Therefore, in an era that we experience the dominant hegemony of conflict, oppression, alienation, isolation, deterritorialization, and marginalization, we have invited humanity to the idea fermented in Anatolia, which is being friend to him/herself, to his/her neighbor, and to distant lands in dire need. We commemorate the histor y of this geography, which extended hand of friendship to many, regardless religion, gender, race etc., from Jews that were persecuted in Spain to White Russians that came to İstanbul for salvation and to Greeks that we fought shortly before. Today, we showed millions of people who survived death by taking refuge in Anatolia as an example, called on all of people to meet in this make-up for the good of humanity.The reason of our desire to internationalize the festival was that we were aware of the fact that the way to get thru our youth in globalized world goes thru telling it to the entire world. All over the world, ever y region that our voices reached, in the words of Fethi Gemuhluğlu, we said all the friendship must be told. The institutions, universities, and our supporters that we cooperated day and night for the festival have left behind a long working marathon. In the first year of the thematic short film festival, from 76 different countries 789 films were made for “Friendship.” Pens wrote for friendship, the keys of keyboards were stroked for friendship, and camera viewfinder was used for friendship. For this wonderful result, I thank to all from 76 countries of 7 continents for answering our call and our partners and festival team for working day and night to reach this wonderful conclusion for friendship. Only friendship can build a good future. As Mentor Fethi Gemuhluoğlu expressed once, we have to be a friend to our geography, histor y, neighbors, our nature, and ourselves. Let watch all together these exciting results in the festival for friendship and meet with friends in front of the white screen.


Mehmet Lütfi Şen

İzleyeceğiniz filmlerin herhangi bir şekilde; bir karesinin, bir kısmının ya da tümünün ses ve görüntülerinin kopyalanması, kayda alınması, ve herhangi bir mecrada yayınlanması Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunu 71/1 maddesine göre suçtur!