Festival Honorary President

5. International Kızılay Amity Short Film Festival


There is art wherever there is goodness


Dear Friends of Red Crescent,

Dear Art Lovers,


At Red Crescent, we have always had the pleasure of being one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations. This pride is directly related to being based on goodness and human dignity to ease the pain of difficult moments. As we narrate this adventure for more than 150 years, we prefer to say “Red Crescent, working with strength since the 11th day of June 1868, when the calendars showed 1868” Instead of saying “Red Crescent, working since 1868”, to touch hearts with words as we touch people through our work. Why do we prefer to convey our long-term journey with such an artistic expression? Because the Red Crescent puts the duty first that it knows best—touching humanity before all other reasons—it also weighs touching hearts in this context. So, a word that shakes a person’s heart, a note, or a scene in a movie that warms a heart can sometimes warm a person as much as a blanket on his back. It is at this point that the Red Crescent intersects with art. Art and the Red Crescent have something in common to connect people. The Red Crescent Art is another branch of the Turkish Red Crescent that reaches out to people.

The Red Crescent Art serves humanity regardless of religion, language, race, or political affiliation. Acceptance of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent as a natural member of the Red Crescent Art in all parts of the world shows this undiscriminating attitude. One of the most concrete works of the Red Crescent Art, which has been working steadily for years, is the International Red Crescent Amity Short Film Festival.

As every year, this year’s fifth edition, in an event where mutual unity is human, we have brought together the extraordinary works of our valuable artists in this catalog and presented them for your enjoyment. We wanted our international festival, which has a spiritual quality in the name of friendship, to be a valuable reminder of our unison of being human without hurting our dignity and togetherness. Therefore, our artists presented their works in different categories to teach us to be friends with people, nature, and the world through their languages and visions.

As the Red Crescent, we will continue to be an opportunity to produce extraordinary lives from the gloominess of this world, just like releasing a great festival film from dark rooms. The Red Crescent, acting with the motto “We will not leave anyone behind” without disregarding anyone born into this world, will continue to see art, one of the building blocks of human dignity, and every branch of art as contact with people. Goodness is possible wherever the Red Crescent is, and art is possible wherever there is goodness because our common interest is to touch people.

We hope all the work will benefit humanity and express our gratitude to all participants and partners. We continue to add goodness to our pot based on the proverb, “What you sow is what you will reap.” We wish to see good things in our pot.


Dr. Kerem Kınık

Honorary President

International Red Crescent Amity Short Film Festival

İzleyeceğiniz filmlerin herhangi bir şekilde; bir karesinin, bir kısmının ya da tümünün ses ve görüntülerinin kopyalanması, kayda alınması, ve herhangi bir mecrada yayınlanması Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunu 71/1 maddesine göre suçtur!