Film Sections 2018

International Amity Short Film Festival

International Competition Section

Arthur Rambo

Arthur Rambo (France), Guillaume Levil, 18'00

Alain is a little boy from the Reunion Island born on the wrong side of the tracks. To earn a few pennies, he recites Arthur Rimbaud’s poems to drivers stuck at the red light. One day, Alain is invited to Guillaume’s birthday who lives uptown. 

Birthday Night

Birthday Night (Iran), Omid Shams, 20'00"

Ahmad and Ali are friends and job partners. On their birthday night they are on their way from a job outside of the city to Ahmad’s house where their wives are waiting for them. But on the road outside of the city, an accident is waiting for them that causes them to know more about each other…

Düş Yüzeyi (Dream Surface)

Düş Yüzeyi (Turkey), Ahmet Faruk Arslan, 7'13"

Yakup is a child who lives in an Anatolian village and helps her mother during the summers. He and his friends Yusuf and İsmail, make slingshots and hunt birds. One day, when Yusuf is in the city, Yakup and İsmail go to bird hunting and something interesting happens.


Oblivion (Iran), Fatemeh Mohammad, 16'00"

Mehrbanoo tries everything to make her husband’s life, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, worth living. Rental issues and the absence of their children and grandchildren take their toll in this sensitive portrayal.

From Inside

From Inside (Egypt), Ramy el Gabry, 4'52"

After an exciting entertainment show at a birthday party, a group of corious youngsters sneak into an entertainer’s changing room only to discover the suprise he hides behind his costume.

Gümüş (The Gentle Sadness Of Thing)

Gümüş (Turkey), Deniz Telek, 15'30"

After his father’s death, Ali goes to hometown to take his mother away to the city where he lives. But before that he has to find a place for his father’s heirloom dog.


Hedieh (Iran), Sahar Sotoodeh, 15'00"

 Hedieh, a 14 year old girl escaped from the school service and her friend was forced to explain the reasons behind it. Hedieh is about uncertainity of revealing the truth or hiding it.

The Line

The Line (Italy), Alessandro Stevanon, 17'00"

Federico is an eleven years old boy who lives in a small town in Northern Italy. Quiet and thoughtful , he’s invisible to the eye of his schoolmates and parents, his father absent and his mother always too busy worrying about anything . Meeting an old Senegalese artist will help Federico discovering his talent and learning to see the others for what they truly are: people whose stories are made by silent details, which can be told only by the ones who can look further. A modern fairy tale about friendship, about those details who make us unique, about knowing how to observe and to tell people for what they are: stories.


İmage (Iran), Ehsan Kaffah, 19'58"

An old man is struggling to find someone to take a photograph with, so that he can send it to his granddaughter as a photo of him and his frind. But things go other way.



Krampon (Crampon)

Krampon (Turkey), Abdullah Şahin, 13'20"

 İlyas and Ahmet are two close friends. A Syrian refugee, Emir also joins them. İlyas wants to participate in preliminary selections and be part of the local soccer team. He is saving money to buy a new crampon. Emir joins İlyas in his dream. İlyas’s father pays the Emir’s family debt to the local grocery store and that opens a new door for İlyas. İlyas gives his new crampons his father bought for him to Emir so that he can also participate in the preliminary selections. However, immediately afterward, his own crampons are torn. The pair of temporary crampons the shoemaker gives to him is the exact pair he wants to buy. However, they are a little big for his feet. On the day of the selections, they fall to the river while they were sitting on the bridge. As they try to take the crampons out of the water, a big surprise waits for them.

My Label

My Label (Belgium), Janne Janssens, 4'41"

Guus carries the label autism literally around his neck. This takes a heavy toll on him. The bullying that he has to endure every day, leaves him feeling insecure and lonely. During the playtime you can always find him sitting on his regular spot on the bench. But one day a girl tells him her secret.

Naftalin (Naphthalene)

Naftalin (Turkey), M.Furkan Daşbilek, 20'34"

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer, Cemil learns that his only grandchild Meriç who makes him hold on to the life is leaving for Tokyo. While searching for ways to keep him in his mind, he has to face his past, and therefore his son Murat.


Oyuncak Bebek (Doll)

Oyuncak Bebek (Turkey), Serdar Altun, 12'00"

Mariam is a 6-year-old refugee girl. In a terrorist attack on their house, her doll gets hit with a bullet. They had to immigrate to another country, where Mariam’s story with her doll takes yet another twist.


Schoolyard Blues

Schoolyard Blues (Sweden), Maria Eriksson, 16'36"

It’s John’s first day at school. Unexpectedly his eleven-year-old big brother Mika shows up to follow him to assembly. But Mika has plans other than just taking John to school. Mika sees it as his mission to teach John the hard facts of the world, starting with the merciless demands of the schoolyard.

The Farewell

The Farewell (Kyrgyzstan), Karash Janyshov, 15'00"

Parents of a small Aibek after divorce decided to sent him to orphanage, where he falls in love with Ainura. Then he decided to confess his love by making handmade heart from the stone. Aibek faces with many challenges on the way of achieving his goal and once unexpected situation turns everything over.


The Last Teacher

The Last Teacher (Kazakhstan), Alen Rakhmetaliyev, 17'40"

In class during a test, one of the class bullies ignores the exam and shows the video on the phone to his friend. In the video, the same bully beats a guy. The protagonist of the film teacher, Yerzhan Kaydarovich, comes into conflict with the bully, Erbol, in consequence of which offends the boy, hurting him for his sore subject. During a conflict in the class, the head teacher of the school comes in and asks Yerzhan Kadarovich to go to his teacher’s room.


The Sea Swells

The Sea Swells (Iran), Amir Gholami, 16'15"

The War is surrounding an old man’s life who lives in middle of the Sea. On his houseboat, he makes coffins for the dead of the battlefield.

Fourty Years of Gratitude Section

The Last Embrace

The Last Embrace (Iran), Saman Hosseinpuor, 4'

The little girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones, she goes to her grandpa who has just past away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing it.

Çizgiler Arasında (Between Lines)

Çizgiler Arasında (Turkey), Şeref Akçay, 4'52"

The children are working in order to survive in a cave. These children, all of whom are in school age, imagine the fee they will receive in the evening. For that, they just need to run!


Ice (Estonia), Anna Hints, 15'00"

Harri works in the Estonian army. Divorced, he only sees his 10-year old son during holidays. Harri decides to make up for lost time by going to an adventurous father-son winter trip to an island. Missing the last ferry, Harri decides to take a local ice road over the frozen sea.

İpler (The Yarn)

İpler (Türkçe), Gökçe Pehlivanoğlu, 10'37"

A Greek-Turkish couple and their little daughter, travel with their caravan in the Turkish seaside of the Aegean Sea. This time however, their journey ends with a fantastic reflection of a tale that the parents always tell to their daughter.

The Black Way

The Black Way (Iran), Leila Noroozi, 15'16

Ayda, a young girl, goes back to her hometown after her father passed away, for his burial. In the way, she meets a young man named Duman. He looks like her father. Afterward, she enters a way called Qara Yol (Black Way) to save Duman’s life.

Last Days

Last Days (Spain), Arturo León Llerena, 14'47

RAMÓN is a veteran tailor that has been elaborating gentlemen’s clothing for decades, but in recent years his tailor shop has become anachronistic and his profits scarcer. GERMÁN, the son of his longtime landlord and friend arrives one day, telling him that he is now in charge of the rent and that his contract won’t be renewed. Ramón now has a month to find solutions to his financial problems before Germán returns and throws him to the street. While young people don’t seem to appreciate Ramon’s craft, his long standing clients are dying one after the other. But it is among a young crowd that a solution to Ramon’s problems presents itself, although in a twisted and trendy way

Meryem Ana (Mother Mary)

Meryem Ana (Turkey), Hasan Efe, 9'45"

It tells the life struggle of Mother Mary who lives with her  only daughter who does not marry to not leave her mother  alone, who  makes a living from collecting herbs in the mountain after her husband’s death and marry off her 10 children.

One Hundred years Running

One Hundred Years Running (Italy), Domenico G.S. Parrino, 17'31"

This is the story of Giuseppe Ottaviani, a 100 years old athlete. Step by step, when he was 70 he discovered that he could show his philosophy through athletics, as his personal answer about the meaning of life which finds confirmation in the eternal cyclical Nature.

Flying Fishes

Flying Fishes (Iran), Mohammad Towrivarian, 14'38"

The new teacher in the village understood that one of his student who is the only girl in the class doesn’t talk and a cigarette burn is visible in her hand.

4th Floor

4th Floor (Iran), Pedram Ganji, 18'24"

A young man who lost his mother decided to move his house on a psychiatrist’s advice. After a while he found that his neighbors were a mother and a son who had the same names with him and his mother.  He heard the neighbor lady’s voice talking to his son and couldn’t put up with this situation at first but, then, he decided to play a role as her son and started to respond her behind the wall. The friends of young man started to get worried about him.

Tecaül-i Arif

Tecahül-i Arif (Turkey), Hasan Kalender, 12'00"

Down syndrome Arif lives with his mother. Arif helps her mother with chores. He tidies up, washes the dishes, and takes his mother for a walk. Shopkeepers in the neighbourhood is provide Arif with supplies saying “your mother pays at the beginning of the month.” But the truth known to the neighbourhood is different.

The Fox

The Fox (Iran), Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh, 9'45"

A young fox on the verge of experiencing the first love got trapped by a hunter. The Hunter ties his dog collar bell on the fox’s neck and leaves him in the wood. And then the fox begins his effort to survive and love and revenge.

The Look

The Look (İran), Shayan Naghibi, 6'30"

An old man at first does not care about his wife. Then he realizes his wife’s look and silence to the camera. Trying to get his wife out of silence. At the  end he realizes that he needs to understand her wife.

Dönüş (Return)

Dönüş (Turkey), Nesli Özalp Tuncer, 19'28"

The story telling the journey of the 3rd and 5th generation women from a family who had to leave the country because of the population exchange between Turkey and Greece. Will they be able to take their families’ soil from their graves to their homeland, Kavala.

Third Kind

Third Kind (Grecee), Yorgos Zois, 32'00"

Earth has been abandoned long time now and the human race has found refuge in outer space. Three new archeologists return to Earth to investigate where a mysterious five tone signal is coming from.

Vadi (The Valley)

Vadi (Türkiye), Can Erkan – Salih Toprak, 14,47

In an unknown ancient era, on an imaginary land, two opposite armies on conquest comes up against each other. But there is a deep valley separating them. For the commanders, this valley won’t going to stop the war. The battle must begin and the conquest must continue.

Words Of Caramel

Words Of Caramel (Spain), Juan Antonio Moreno Amador, 20'00"

In a refugee camp in the Sahara desert, lives a deaf boy who wishes to learn how to write so that he could express the words of his best friend, the young camel Caramel. Welcome to the silent world of Kori and his camel friend Caramel.

Panaroma Section

A Woman Like Me

A Woman Like Me (Nepalese), Isabel Lilia Morales Bondy, 9'00"

A deafblind Danish woman travels to Nepal to meet a woman with the same condition in the hopes of communicating and engaging in a cultural exchange. A Woman Like Me is a remarkable demonstration of the delicacy and complexity of human communication, and how susceptible it is to privilege, preconceptions and misunderstandings.


Avocado (USA), Darwin Serink, 10'45"

Coworkers, Rosa and Raul always share their lunch breaks together, which always includes Rosa’s homemade dishes and an avocado from Raul’s tree. With hopes of companionship and possibly of love, Raul finally gets the courage to ask Rosa out on a date. To his surprise, Rosa says yes, but when the day finally arrives, the date goes a different direction than they ever anticipated.

Blue Peter

Blue Peter (Croatia), Marko Šantić, 14'28"

Petar is a young police officer who has just begun his career, he lives with his parents in a small maisonette. Officer Goran, who comes to pick up Petar, suddenly arrives at their place. They have to deal with another distraint. Petar doesn’t want to be a part of it. His unemployed father tries to convince him to go since their family is dealing with money problems and soon they’ll have to face an eviction. In the field during the distraint, Petar reacts in a human way, brakes the police powers and tries to protect distrainees who happen to be an older married couple.


Caroline (USA), Celine HELD, Logan George, 11'54"

When plans fall through, a six-year-old is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day.

Drowning In Sands

Drowning In Sands (Sudan), Lucy Provan, 30'55"

Two Sudanese inventors determined to stop the desert from swallowing up their country. Despite international sanctions and a failing economy, they succeed in building Sudan’s first robot farmer and enter it into a national TV competition. Two Sudanese inventors determined to stop the desert from swallowing up their country. Despite international sanctions and a failing economy, they succeed in building Sudan’s first robot farmer and enter it into a national TV competition.

Facing Mecca

Facing Mecca (Switzerland), Jan-Eric Mack, 25'00"

The hospital calls Fareed; his wife’s cancer has reached its terminal stage. Swiss pensioner Roli comes to his help and takes him to the hospital but the wife passes away shortly after, leaving the Syrian refugee alone with two daughters. Fareed wants to see his wife buried in accordance with Muslim rites but problems quickly arise: the graves in the local cemetery have not been aligned to face Mecca; the council is unable or unwilling to carry out the burial within 24 hours after death. Unimpressed by the council’s tactical heal-dragging, together they stumble into a bewildering forest of Swiss bureaucracy to which Roli finds a beautifully simple answer.

Gray Umbrella

Gray Umbrella (Iran), Mohammad Poustindouz, 8'32"

The man hears some repeated voices in his head. This sound, perceived as the sound of an umbrella’s head-to-back shot, bothers, him at first and also worries that one day it will disappear.


Hamsa (Russia), Gadzhimurad Efendiev, 15'00"

A young man named Isa returns to his hometown after leaving prison. Waiting for him are his seriously ill mother and his wife, who have lost all hope of a happy family life.

Kayıp Zaman Düşleri (Dreams Of Lost Time)

Kayıp Zaman Düşleri (Turkey), Faysal Soysal, 15'00"

A person who wants to stop time in order to get rid of memories and return to the first pure moment travels from dream to dream in search of her childhood and youth. However, is it possible to return to the present time from her lost time dreams?

Miğfer (The Helmet)

Miğfer (Turkey), Ramazan Kılıç, 6'41"

Memed who is distant from his beloved confronts with the enemy at Gallipoli War with his five fellows. During the conflict, two of his fellows die as a martyr. In the trench, with Memed, Sergeant Hasan and Ali survive. By running out of ammunition, the three soldiers who stuck in the trench are helpless to the brutality of the war.



Oksijan (United Kingdom), Edward Watts, 19'08"

7 year old Afghan refugee Ahmad wakes in the dark of a sealed refrigerated lorry, alongside his brother and 13 other refugees. Fleeing war and torture, they’re making a desperate effort to get to the UK. But for the next fifteen hours they’ll face a worse nightmare, as the oxygen inside the truck begins to run out.

Related By Blood

Related By Blood (Iran), Hossein AMIRI, Pedram Poramiri, 30'00"

A  father  is  supposed  to  save  the  life  of  his  son.  However,  the  step  brothers  are  not helpful  anymore  and…

Toprak (Soil)

Toprak (Turkey), Alican Durbaş, 18'00"

Conceived through the division of the screen into nine cinematic frames, the film Soil narrates the journey of a young man carrying a handful of soil into the grave of a deceased soldier who happens to be burying his own dead body with the form integrated into narrative, it is possible to watch every phase of his journey synchronically wherever he goes the smell of the soil remains the same.

Wrong Direction

Wrong Direction (France), Rodolphe Cappelletti, Julien Botzanowski, 9'00"

Nathalie, a young widow, lost her husband and child in a train accident. She has to manage with this tragedy.

Specieal Screenings

Eyes Of Thief

Eyes of a Thief (Palestine), Najwa Najjar, 98'

Arab World Egyptian superstar Khaled Abol Naga and Algerian French Singer Souad Massi came together in Najwa Najjar’s film “Eyes of a Thief” with a slew of top Palestinian actors and actresses.   Based on a true event, “Eyes of a Thief” tracks Tareq, a father with a dangerous secret searching for the daughter he left behind 10 years ago. “Eyes of a Thief” is Najjar’s second feature after the critically acclaimed Pomegranates and Myrrh.A love story, a contemplation on the past and present … “Eyes of a Thief” through a human story of a father searching for his daughter, questions what happens when reason and hope diminishes, apathy increases, consciousness almost extinct. Will people’s will to resist and survive also diminish? What options lie in store?  Another look from the ground at what continues to happen in the occupied Palestinian Territory year after year, it’s relevance at this particular time, will hopefully not be overlooked.


The Lizard

The Lizard (Iran), Kemal Tabrizi, 75'

A recently jailed petty thief disguises as a Mullah and succeeds in escaping; but has to stay in the Mullah’ role longer than he expected to.


Where Is The Friend's Home?

Where Is The Friend's Home? (Iran), Abbas Kiarostami, 83'

As he prepares to do his homework, Ahmed realizes that he accidentally brought home a notebook belonging to one of his classmates. Knowing that his friend may be expelled if he does not have the notebook in order to complete his homework, Ahmed goes looking for his classmate. When he is unable to find his friend’s home, Ahmed ends up doing the homework for his friend; the homework is deemed excellent by the teacher.




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