Feyyaz Duman









He was born in Mardin. He completed his education in Istanbul, including college. In 2007, he traveled to the United States for education. In 2009, he received his graduate degree in Theater Technical Design and Production from CUNY Brooklyn College. He returned to Turkey in 2012. He has been acting in movies since 1999. He received “Best Actor” award for “Song of My Mother” in Sarajevo, Antalya, Duhok, and Mons International Film Festival and for “Zagros” in Duhok International Film Festival. He is currently acting in TV drama “Woman” as Arif.



Photograph – Kazım Öz

Big Man Little Love – Handan İpekçi

My Sweet Pepperland – Hiner Salem

Song of My Mother – Erol Mintaş

Zagros – Ömer Kalifa

A Difficult Decision – Ender Özkahraman

Hive – Eylem Kaftan

Never Leave Me – Aida Begiç

Mardan – Batin Ghobadi

House Without Roof – Soleen Yusef