About Festival

Fethi Gemuhluoğlu is a native school that inarguably affected his time and after, with his conscience, friendliness, deepness, genuineness, and excellence. He, unlike all the other intellectuals and artists of his time, never gave up hope of young generation, architect, art and richness of faith and justice of this geography that would progress in the next century. He somehow reached out to every intellectual of his time and invited all to become friend and discover the secret paths from heart to heart. He gave his students the necessary motivation to uncompromisingly gain ground on science, culture, and art.

Correctly understanding the concept of friendship enriched by this spiritual man and bringing him into existence in the contemporary world will be the greatest legacy we will leave to future generations. Humanity, which cannot be fraternize, will slowly eradicate itself in a lonesome and desolate state as the victim of the technologies and systems it created. As Fethi Gemuhluoğlu said, soil with water, towns with villages, countries with neighbors, and ultimately human being gain meaning and affluence with ideas, history, trees, geography, time, and with one another.

In the fast consumption era we live, we are at a time in which friendship, sincerity, gratitude, loyalty, and generosity are increasingly losing value. Fethi Gemuhluoğlu widened horizon of the intellectuals around him with his broad and philosophical perspective that brought in the concept of “Friendship” during the era he lived in. We are organizing the International Amity Short Film Festival with purpose of re-reading, re-thinking and re-reflecting, and multiplying the effect of this deep “Friendship Concept”, he initiated.

With this festival we aim for:

  • Resurrecting the concept of “Friendship” in ethical, epistemological, and aesthetic forms in order to stand against today’s growing animosity, hatred, and conflict climate and rebuilding it in the contemporary world,
  • Ensuring that the people can access school, education, and spiritual world and think over the concept of “Friendship.” Giving opportunity to make creative films for a livable world,
  • Carrying the Friendship topic beyond time by means of short films that are the aesthetic and artistic form of written script ideas and making it the legacy of entire mankind on the international scale,
  • In the festival which we aim to get in touch with different geographies, designating a specific country cinema every year and including short film workshops, screenings and examples from that selected country’s cinema with “friendship” theme,
  • Resounding the Anatolian friendship concept fermented by Fethi Gemuhloğlu to geographies that reflect our civilization and the entire world, and creating opportunities that would allow to talk about friendships through short films.

Any kind of short film form that based on Fethi Gemuhluoğlu’s “Being a friend to a fellow man; to an idea; to a neighbor; to a geography; to history; to one’s own body; and to everything else, visible or not” philosophy, and directly or indirectly mentions the “the relationship of humanity and the universe that is build on friendship” can apply to our festival. In order to establish correct and solid relationship with our impeded cultural and aesthetic heritage, we first need the “friendship” concept of Fethi Gemuhluoğlu and then the different and unique perspectives that scriptwriters and directors would bring to the concept of “friendship” specifically in the age the individualization and loneliness. We are inviting all the short film applicants that are up for rebuilding friendship in the short film language.

Faysal Soysal
Festival Director