Kamal Tabrizi







Kamal Tabrizi was born in Tehran in 1959.

He was graduated from Cinema & TV from Art University in Tehran.

He was in the war front of Iran-Iraq war (1981~1989) as a director and photographer and has made the first documentary film on this war “Martyrs” which won the best documentary film award.

He has taught Cinema and direction in Young Cinema Society and Filmmaking Educational Center for some years and has arranged many workshops on cinema for the students.

In 1988 he wrote and directed his first feature film, “Passage”.




(1990)On The Altar Of Love

(1993) End Of Childhood (Lincoln Center USA.)

(1995) Leily Is With Me (Fukuoka F.F., Montreal F.F. and  Fajr F.F. awarded for the best script, best actor)

(1998)  Maternal Love (It was awarded in many festivals such as Best film of Berlin F.F. Children Section, the best film of Castellinaria International Festival of Young Cinema, Chek, Cairo, Greece, Korea, Canada etc.) The film was released in Tokyo, Japan as well.

(2000)  Sheida

(2001) Wind Carpet,Kaze no Jutan” (A co-production with Japan, awarded in Fajr F.F.)

(2002) Look At The Sky, Sometimes. (Awarded in Fajr F.F.)

(2003)  The Lizard (Awarded in Fajr F.F. best audience award, and best seller of the year in Iran, best audience award in Canada, Montreal F.F.)

(2004)  A Piece Of Bread (Awarded in Fajr F.F. for the best direction, Special Jury Prize)

(2007)  There’s Always A Woman Involved (Bestseller in Iran)

(2009)  The Earth Marathon (Co-production with Japan)

(2010)  Calm Streets (Not yet released)

(2013)  Sensitive Floor (Bestseller in Iran)

(2014)  The Sweet Taste Of Dream

(2015)  Mina’s Option

(2016)  Reward

(2018)  Sly