Film Sections 2019

Competition Section

Barê Giran

Barê Giran – Ağır Yük (Türkiye), Yılmaz Özdil, 17’

AVDEL and his family’s only source of income is the money he receives for his old donkey BOZO, which is employed by the Mardin Municipality cleaning service. In the meantime, his sister and her son SALİH in Syria fled the war and took refuge in his house. When the municipality authorities have Bozo retired, Avdel set out to look for a young donkey to continue to receive the money. However, Salih goes to look for the young donkey he left in Syria without informing his uncle.

Fishnet And The Fish

Fishnet And The Fish (İran), Ali Nikfar, 8’39”

A little boy with a still pure heart looking for always doing the right thing without deceiving others and changing the world but it is surrounded by those who want the world to remain same.


Ukde (Türkiye), Hüsnegül Çelik, 19’48”

Zeliha and Ahmet have lost their chance to become parents. Zeliha works as the only midwife in the village, and every time she helps other women give birth, she feels she is incomplete. One day, the nobleman of the village (Sami), knocks on their door. With him is the woman whom he impregnated out of wedlock; she is about to give birth. Sami hands Ahmet a good amount of money, and leaves before the baby is born. The mother dies during birth. Sami doesn’t come back. Zeliha and Ahmet are left with a baby and a body to deal with.


Gravity (Hollanda), Yao Yao, 2’45”

When asked by his girlfriend about the essence of his love for her, a young man remembers a dream he once had about the African jungle, in which the forces of nature seemed to lead a life of their own.

I Will Wait

I Will Wait (Irak), Mohammed Sherwani, 11’11”

Suhailah leaves her infant at her neighbors in order to earn enough money, but they get upset with the baby and don’t want to take care of him/ her. Suhailah has to find a way for the baby so that she could continue at her work until her husband comes back from war.


Pupone (İtalya), Alessandro Guida, 16’

Rome, Spring 2017. Sacha is an Italian boy who grew up inside a group home. Like all his acquired “brothers”, he is fond of football and in particular of As Roma team. At the age of 18, however, Sacha is forced to abandon the facility where he grew up, thus finding himself living what is actually happening to his biggest idol: Francesco Totti. Like Sacha forced, indeed, to leave his home because of his seniority. The acquired freedom and the challenges that the outside world will present to him, however, will prove to be more difficult than expected to be managed. The short film is inspired by a true story, although adapted to cinematographic needs.


Pantor (Türkiye), Tahsin Özmen, 15’

After the clothing reform, there is only one pair of pants and a single hat belonging to villagers in an Anatolian village. The clothing is under the responsibility of the village headman. Those who wants to go to the city need to get permission from the village headman. A villager named Dilo, who has never been to the city before, asks the headman to have the clothes. Since Dilo is a tall man, the trousers are too short for him, therefore he cannot have the clothing. Determined to go to the city Dilo steals the teacher’s clothes.


Ray (Kosova), Lorena Sopi, 12’30”

On the ninth birthday, during the 1999 war, Rreze Abdullahu has written the Diary of Fear. In that significant day, she didn’t expect any gifts or any birthday-party. She had only one wish: She didn’t want to die. That day, Rreze /Ray went towards the Serbian soldier who was guarded the area and said to him: “Today, it is my birthday, and I don’t want to die!…I just want to be alive.” The soldier began to cry. Rreze was shocked, she thought the soldiers never cry. Eighteen years later, upon the ruins of the past, Rreze appears in desperation with the world that doesn’t appear to be any better. This film has been based upon the true Diary of Rreze Abdullahu.


Toprak (Fransa), Onur Yağız, 11’

Toprak, 8, goes to the hospital with his parents for his mother’s second trimester ultrasound and acts as a translator for his parents who can’t speak French. He will be the first one to know if the twin babies are his brothers or sisters.

Angel’s Mirror

Angel’s Mirror (Çin), Cheng Chao, 14’

In China, in the early 1990’s, a little boy and his family have just come to live in a large factory complex. As he explores his new surroundings, he comes across other boys his age playing ping-pong — and discovers that they are fascinated by a cute little girl who spends her days looking out from the window of an upstairs apartment. Wanting to know more about the girl, he comes up with his own unique way of starting a friendship with her.

This Side, Other Side

This Side, Other Side (İran), Lida Fazli, 8’51”

The story of the film is that no border can prevent the formation of friendships and affection between children, and I wish that the world of adults, like the world of children, is full of peace and friendship.

Box Paul

Box Paul (Rusya), Viktor Belanov, 11’30”

A girl facing a difficult life situation decides to take a quite peculiar move – she ventures into a counseling cabin. At first, it seems to her that the voice belongs to nothing but a soulless robot. However, her opinion changes when she starts feeling true emotions in what she thought was just a mechanic voice.

The Dead Dide Once

The Dead Dide Once (ABD), Max McGillivray, Alex Morelli, 8’30”

After settling into her new life in America, a Syrian refugee receives a visit from her past.


Cover (İran), Vahid Alvandifar, 15’

Two of Ahmad’s friends are delivering his dead body from the morgue to his village for burial. On the way, Ahmad suddenly comes back to life. Once he recovers from his confusion, he decides not to return to his old life and begins a new path for himself. His friends, however, do not agree with him. They want to return him to his old life, even his death.

Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha

Taiwanese Cha Cha Cha (Tayvan), YuHui (Judie) Yang, 15’

Two young girls set out for a secret journey against their parents’ will in order to reconnect back with their grandparents. Their encounter encourages each other, turning the ridiculed and doubted journey into a meaningful and unexpected adventure.

Piece Cemetery 85

Piece Cemetery 85 (İran), Shahram Maslakhi, 14’59”

The eldest son in the family insists on burying an expensive rug with his father’s corpse but the officials of the cemetery are opposed to it.

Forty Years Of Gratitude Section

Ian, A Moving Story

Ian, A Moving Story (Arjantin), Abel Goldfarb, 9’

Ian was born with cerebral palsy. Like all kids, he wants to have friends, but discrimination and bullying keep him from his beloved playground. Ian won’t give up easily, accomplishing something that will surprise everyone.


Lekesiz (Türkiye), Mehmet Oğuz Yıldırım, 13’34”

Mrs. Selma decides to give one of her deceased husband’s suits to the apartment’s janitor who needs it for his son’s marriage. Noticing a stain on the jacket, Mrs. Selma struggles with her loneliness among the memories of her lost husband and tries to keep her memories “stainless”

Walking Fish

Walking Fish (Hollanda), Thessa Meijer, 19’

The Walking Fish tells the story of an ambitious seacreature that pursues her dream to join the human world. But even as she transforms into a young woman, Mutsumi is not satisfied. On land, she’s faced with new ambitious pursuits; to become the prettiest, to secure a successful career, to be a dreamy girlfriend. Will she ever be content, able to enjoy her journey?

Yeryüzü Garipleri

Yeryüzü Garipleri (Türkiye), Murat Kılıç, 14’49”

The Syrian Osso family lose everything in the war. They are forced to migrate to Turkey and they manage to hold on to life again. They wait for the war to end. But the war is never over. No country on earth can make them happy. They’re the sufferers on earth. They continue suffering abroad.

Der Besuch - Visit

Der Besuch - Visit (Almanya), Christian Werner, 15’

Klaus (60) works voluntarily as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. After an exhausting day, he considers to give up his job. But then, he gets a call from the children’s intensive care unit.


Them (Almanya), Robin Lochmann, 15’

In a forgotten village, where everyone is cut from the same cloth, a new, self-proclaimed leader arrives changing the local way of life. Dividing lines are carved out as the once unified society is torn and segregated. THEM is a cautionary tale of misguided ideologies, destructive leadership and of being an outsider. But most importantly, it is a film about celebrating what we have in common rather than what separates us.


GAB (Fransa), Gazanfer Biricik, 10’

Ani is a journalist whose career is not very flourishing. However the director of the publication of his newspaper decides to entrust to her the writing of an article on a person dead during an attack. To do this, Ani decides to meet Lily, sister of the dead in a bar near Pigalle. She arrives a few minutes before Lily and a few moments later a young man named Gabriel comes near her and claimed to be one of Lily’s relatives. Ani, interested, decides to ask him a series of questions in order to complete his article. However they have differences of opinion which disconnects Ani and makes him ask questions about this young man. Against all odds during this conversation, an event happen that will not leave her indifferent.


Alien (Kore), Jegwang Yeon, 15’

Reonghee and I are illegal aliens. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the mess. I’m going to find Reonghee whose body the company has hidden somewhere and give her funeral that she deserves.

Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park (ABD), Nikola Duravcevic, 14’49”

Alone in New York, Somali rideshare driver Abdi begins his nightshift with the news of a tragedy back home. The faces in the backseat change as he wrestles, unable to connect, with whether the unthinkable can be true—until a vision provides the clarity he seeks. Poetic and lyrical, BROOKLYN PARK is a modern-day immigrant tale that explores alienation, grief, and transcendence.

Zain - Waiting

Zain - Waiting (İspanya), Pello Gutiérrez, 12’26

“Don’t ask me about the hidden reason of all dark things, or where the path of fickle time leads us.”


Servis (Türkiye), Ramazan Kılıç, 13’54”

The School Bus is about a female teacher, who has just been appointed to a village school in Anatolia, decides to drive the school bus for her students but she does not know how to drive!

İlkbahar, Yaz, Sonbahar, Kış…Ve İlkbahar

İlkbahar, Yaz, Sonbahar, Kış…Ve İlkbahar (Türkiye), Hamza Uysal, 7’04”

As a result of the rapid technological development, the human and forest living in harmony lose their harmony and the forest starts to be damaged. The Lonely Tree, which is left alone in the forest, will sacrifice itself for the resurrection of nature and the restoration of harmony.


APP (Türkiye), Hatice Aşkın, 17’

A software company develops a security application to help women living alone to feel safe. A shadow man, which can be projected on the walls of the house for 24 hours, gives the impression that there is a young man moving around the house. One day, Mine, after the death of her mother, goes to the software company and agrees to try the first version of the product free of charge.

Fish Broth

Fish Broth (Kazakistan), Alisher Zhadigerov, 8’

The film is about a brother and sister who are struggling with life’s difficulties. For the health of their mother, brother and sister do what they can. They do not choose the easy way and achieve everything honestly.


Shok (Kosova), Jamie Donoughue, 21’06”

Based on true events, ‘Shok’ is set during the escalation of the Kosovan War when the country was occupied by Serbia.Two young Kosovan boys, Petrit and Oki, are the best of friends. After Oki buys a bike, Petrit is desperate to have one of his own. Ever the businessman Petrit finds a niche dealing cigarette papers to the occupying Serbian troops. However with tensions and violence escalating in the country, many would see this as traitorous. Building a steady network of contacts, Petrit drags Oki into ever more dangerous situations until their lives are put at risk. As their relationship is tested to the limits they begin to encounter the true intentions of the Serbians and learn the meaning of friendship.


Korkuluk (Türkiye), Yener Akbaba, 11’55”

Yusuf is the only child of a family living in the village. Since his father is abroad, all the work is left to him. Yusuf, with the help of his friend Fırat, looks for ways to go to school without interrupting their work.


Marisol (ABD), Zoe Salicrup Junco, 14’44”

Marisol is a young mother striving to make a life for herself and her young daughter, María. She poses as her friend, Luisa, and borrows her car to take fares on a ride-sharing app. But her last passenger of the day, a young white man named Frederick, acts increasingly suspicious. When he accuses Marisol of being undocumented, her worst nightmare comes to life.

Panorama Section


Brothers (Rusya), Angelina Debor, 19’18”

The short film “Brothers” explains how fear for an elder brother helps a seven-year-old boy to find the strength within and overcome any dangers, even if they are not real.

Heyvan - Hayvan

Heyvan - Hayvan (İran), Bahram & Bahman Ark, 15’

A man who wants to pass the border, disguises himself as a ram.


Kids (İsviçre), Michael Frei, 9’

An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?

Blessed Land

Blessed Land (Vietnam), Phạm Ngọc Lân, 18’32”

A middle-aged woman and her son visit her late husband’s gravesituated in a former fishing village she hasn’t been to in decades. In the cemetery on the sandy dunes, they wander around for a long time without finding the headstone. Has her memory eroded, or has the grave been concealed somewhere underneath the green grass of the new golf courses? It’s true, for the nouveau riche, land for the living to play on is better than land for the dead to rest at.


Nemesis (İran), Behzad Jafarimazhab, 6’

In an amusement park, where everything is standing out of circulation, a defendant is charged for having a whirligig…


Maja (Danimarka), Marijana Jankovic, 19’

Maja, a six year old Serbian girl gets dropped of at the kindergarten by her parents. They have only been in Denmark for a short period of time. Meaning everything is new in their eyes, especially the language which makes it difficult for Maja, to interact with the other kids, and she often ends up being misunderstood. After a long and lonesome day, her parents come to pick her up, and just as you think her day is about to come to an end, we realise it’s just about to start.

Bad People

Bad People (Gürcistan), Giorgi Tavartkiladze, 19’26”

1991 Tbilisi, Georgia after the collapse of the USSR, in the midst of a civil war, Gia tries to find medicine for his son when he meets an old friend who fights on the opposite side.

The Sound Of Falling

The Sound Of Falling (Tayvan), Chien Yu Lin, 12’52”

An impressionistic film portraying the lost of freedom and the fading of life through a decision an orchardist of a tangerine farm made in his ordinary day.


Eksik ( Türkiye), Volkan Budak, 10’18”

The movie tells the story of a little boy living with his mother in a village whose trying to perceive the shortcomings in his life within the frame of life and death.

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes (Fransa), Pierre Amstutz Roch, 15’34”

Stephane, a fifty year old man loses his job overnight. As Stephane and his wife Fiona hit rock bottom, he is ready to do anything to find a job, including killing his main rival Marc! After setting a plan, the amateur killer couple goes to Marc’s place to get rid of him. But their bad luck and especially their clumsiness won’t make it easy…

The Keeper

The Keeper (Portekiz), Rodrigo Areias, 15’

Constantino works as a keeper of flocks during the day and as a keeper of a museum during the night. He works continuously since he has nowhere to live. Aurora passes by him every morning and end of the day. One day she is brave enough to talk to him.

Loved Ones

Loved Ones (Polonya), Zofia Kowalewska, 13’56”

Olga’s teenage daughter suddenly goes to the hospital. The mother needs to face not only the child’s disease, but also her ex-husband, whom she have not contacted for years. Being together at the hospital –trying to get information about the daughter’s medical condition or playing a family game– reveals difficult emotions and past resentments in the family. As the child’s condition is getting worse, the tension between the ex-partners rises, leading up to the unexpected finale.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping (İran), Ghasideh Golmakani, 15’

Donia, a young girl wants to immigrate from Iran to continue her studies abroad. Before she leaves Iran, she tries to sell her belongings online. One of the customer is a man who enters her house and behaves strangely…


Story (Polonya), Jola Bańkowska, 5’8”

‘Story’ is a reflection about modern man in an age of omnipresent technology. Looking through stories – a popular function in many social media platforms – we see people who are lonely, lost or already indifferent about reality surrounding them. Action takes place during one day and it’s told by short, often (auto)ironic scenes, where virtual world sinks to reality.

Bé Deng - Sessiz

Bé Deng - Sessiz (Türkiye), L. Rezan Yeşilbaş, 14’21”

The year is 1984. Zeynep who lives in Diyarbakır with her three children, wants to visit her husband in prison. Zeynep is only able to speak her mother tongue ‘Kurdish’; however only the Turkish language is allowed to be spoken in prison, so she’s unable to utter a word there. On the other hand, she wants to bring a new pair of shoes to her husband but it’s forbidden to bring anything to prisoners from outside.


Genericamente (İtalya), Giulio Neglia, 18’

The ‘crowds’ are known to the most with the name of ‘extras’. They hide in cinematographic works in the so-called ‘mass scenes’, perform the most vortical interpretations showing a certain versatility: from the painter to the policeman, from the waiter to the gardener, from the fireman to the butcher. Paolo, that dreams of being an actor, but with very poor results, is more used to appear in marginal roles.


Ashmina (İngiltere), Dekel Berenson, 15’

In an impoverished country, rife with contradiction, a young girl is torn by her obligation to her family and the influence of foreign visitors.

Special Screenings


Saz / Stephan Talneau, 97’

In a personal quest for meaning, brilliant musician Petra Nachtmanova will travel for weeks on the roads from Berlin, through Anatolia, all the way to Khorassan in search of the origins of her string instrument, which she discovered in Kreuzberg. She will be always asking one question: ”Can you teach me a song you think I should bring back home?”. On her back, the legendary instrument: a Saz


Melbourne /Nima Javidi, 91’

Amirali and Sarah are a young couple who are about to leave the country in a few hours for Melbourne, Australia, for educational purposes. They are packing in their apartment. The woman taking care of the neighbor’s baby is out for an urgent matter and has temporarily left the sleeping baby with the couple. The babysitter is not yet back, therefore they call the father to come and get the baby. However, while packing their stuff, they accidentally realize that the baby is not asleep but dead!

İnat Hikayeleri

İnat Hikayeleri / Reis Çelik, 90’

A snow-bound village in the grip of a north-east Anatolian winter. One day, the traditional horsedrawn sleigh, which ferries villagers to the nearest town, is up against a rival: a gleaming red minibus. Knowing the minibus can’t take the short cut across the frozen lake, the sleigh driver bets his rival that he’ll reach town first. In the battle of wills that follows, the passengers in both vehicles are hapless bystanders. True to the local tradition, they begin sharing dramatised tales on the theme of stubbornness.

İnadına Film Çekmek

İnadına Film Çekmek / Reis Çelik, 94’

When seasoned actor Tuncel Kurtiz said “yes” to director Reis Çelik’s idea of making an impromptu film without a script based on the word “STUBBORNNESS” and Anatolian poet-singer tradition, an interesting filmmaking journey started. In 2004 these two filmmaking adventurers went from İstanbul to Çıldır province of Ardahan with a small camera they took along. After a year of gathering with Anatolian poet-singers, folk poets, men of letters, and people of the region, they produced the movie İNAT HİKAYELERİ (Tales Of Intransigence). The documentary “İnadına Film Çekmek” comes out of this adventure of filmmaking, from the images taken from the moment of setting out the journey to having a premiere by putting a white screen on the frozen Çıldır Lake. The documentary in which actor Tuncel Kurtiz characterizes five different persons (Narrator, The Man of Letters, Memiş, Caucasian Master, Cezo Aga, and Acrobat Şaho), makes important reference to our time by witnessing the tragicomedy moments between villagers and those characters through dark comedy.